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10 Reasons Travel Agents Are Better Than the Internet

10 Reasons Travel Agents Are Better Than the Internet

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At Trip Around The Sun Travel we have Luxury Travel Advisors ready to help you with every trip you can conceive of. 

We love travel and planning trips - whether for work or play - it's what we do all day, every day. We have vast experience, huge resources, and long-developed relationships to get you the best value, the best locations, and the best insights on a trip personalized for exactly what you are looking for. 

Please contact us at: patrickromano@triparoundthesun.net

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  • With a passion for people and travel, and the enthusiasm to ensure that every  aspect of your trip exceeds expectations. 

We at Trip Around The Sun Travel work diligently to ensure your individual interests and preferences are catered to – down to the tiniest detail.  

  • We are here for you before, during, and after every trip.
  • We have a world of resources at our fingertips, thanks in part to our partnership with many luxury resort vendors such as: Sandals, Secrets, Palace Elite, Travel Impressions, Royal Caribbean. Norwegian Cruise Line & many more..

Through these partnerships and relationships, we are able to offer our clients the kind of exclusive amenities, upgrades, and experiences that make for a lifetime of memories.

  • Learn more about us below, and connect today to begin the customization of your next amazing travel experience!

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While working with us, we want you to be completely happy with the experience. If you have questions about us, our services, or even travel tips, get in touch! 

We hope you continue to book with us for many years to come. 


Admittedly, with the world of information quite literally at our fingertips, it has become easy to find the information we need on a moment’s notice. 

By simply asking Siri, Cortana a question, it has never been so easy to figure out the conversion from pesos to USD Dollars or how to mix the perfect Cosmopolitan. 

However, just because you can Google or Bing it yourself- it doesn’t always mean that you should do it yourself. 

In the same way, it is not likely that you would try to handle your own legal proceedings should the need arise, nor would you fill your own cavity- booking your own vacation online can go just as wrong. There are some things best left to the experts. 

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Complimentary Expert Travel Consultancy Provided

If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

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Here's what our clients are saying about Trip Around The Sun's Service:

Amy W. North Augusta, GA 

"Special thanks to Patrick and Lisa Romano, 

Trip around the Sun Travel, for being so dedicated and helpful. They made sure our experience was spectacular! 

 We had the most amazing time at Playacar Palace in Playa Del Carmen. As soon as you walk in, they make you feel so special. The smells, sights and sounds are unforgettable! There is always something entertaining going on! Magic shows, music, pool activities, bike rides around the town. The staff is amazing! They're all so nice and helpful. We became friends with some amazing people that week. I can't wait to go back!" 

Cyndi S. Hoschton, GA

"Patrick Lee Romano and his team at Trip Around The Sun Travel helped us plan & experience the best vacation this summer!

From initial conversations of where & when to the details of recommended excursions to making sure we were pampered at the resort to checking on us once we returned home.. they were with us every step of the way! 

I highly recommend Trip Around The Sun Travel to anyone thinking about your dream vacation! 

We're already looking forward to the next adventure! 

Thank you so much, Patrick!!!"

"Trip Around The Sun Travel agency

were incredible! Highly professional, very experienced and easy to work with. Looking forward to working with them in the future!" 

Shane T. Augusta, GA :

"Trip Around The Sun Travel are very friendly and attentive! Great customer service." 

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Client's FAQs/Useful Information:

Customers Often ask: 


1) Why do we need a travel agent when we can go on the internet or CostCo (other Non-Certified Agent wannabes)

where most times they just give you a brochure/flyer & say "happy trails, good luck" ?


10 Reasons Travel Agents Are Better Than the Internet , 

(credit: Matt Meltzer) 

1. Travel Consultants know whether you're actually getting a good deal. Since 90 percent of the airline tickets you buy are for a domestic flight to see your parents, your knowledge of the relative value of a flight to London is, how shall we say, limited. A travel agent, however, books, like, 74 of those a day and will know immediately if the $600 whatever website told you is a "smoldering price" is actually reasonable. 

2. Travel agents know where to go in a city, or know someone who does. If you don't happen to be headed to one of Thrillist's 30 cities, it helps to have a reputable resource available who knows the best restaurants, dive bars, PADI Dive locations without having to sift through a thousand ridiculous reviews about how the waitress didn't bring the table enough bread. Since they book trips all the time, TA's know this stuff like the back of their hands. And if they don't, they're one call away from getting you an answer. 

3. They've got your back when it comes to flight delays/cancellations. Try calling a website when your flight gets cancelled and the line to rebook stretches through the terminal. Even if you get through to the airline directly, they still don't have a clue who you are. Call your travel agent, though, and they'll get you squared away on another flight while you get squared away at the airport bar. 

4. They can actually get you seats together, on the same flight, for the same price. Rather than spend a week on a group text trying to coordinate your big Splashin' Safari Water Park Summer vacay, only to book your flights separately online and find you're all sitting next to different people who clip their toenails (and paid different fares), a travel agent can get your entire group the same ticket price, with seats together, on the same flight. 

5. They can get you VIP status without being a VIP. Restaurant supposedly booked for months? Yeah, that's no issue for a travel agent. Need a table at the hottest club in Sioux Falls? They've got more promoters on speed dial than a South Beach swimsuit model. Thanks to the relationships they maintain across the tourism industry, they can also score you tix to special tours, private tastings, and other events the Internet doesn't even know about. Or, if it does, has hidden so deep it'll take you hours to find out about them. 

6. And speaking of hours on the Internet, TAs do all the research for you. Websites don't seem to understand that when you say "search nearby airports," it doesn't mean "I'm totally fine with being the guy who asks my roommate for a ride to an airport 75 miles away so I can save $45". Travel Agents know your airport preferences, and won't tease you with cheap flights that involve leaving and returning to airports that're in different states. Unless you want them to. 

7. They get better prices, first That $49 one-way flight your email update indicated was a "fresh new deal" was actually available to your travel agent last week, because they have better relationships with airlines and wholesalers. Which also means their prices are... ready for this... usually better than online. Especially for complicated or premium fares. 

8. They do more than book flights. That African safari looks like a great time, but you do realize it requires a lot more legwork than just pressing "Buy Now" on the roundtrip ticket to Kinshasa, right? In addition to visas, you'll likely require a series of semi-crippling inoculations before you go, too. Unsure where to go for either visas or shots? Well, lo and behold, guess who can set both of those up for you? 

9. They have Southwest's prices too. Fun as it is planning your flight, calculating baggage, seat selection, and water fees, then repeating the whole process on Southwest.com to seeing if it's cheaper, a travel agent can do the comparison shopping for you. And he or she can do it with any other airline that doesn't play the online search engine game. 

10. No-hassle 24-hour changes  "Non-refundable" on your online reservation -- be it a flight, hotel reservation, Duck Tour, whatever -- usually means you have 24 hours to make changes without penalty. Most people don't realize this. Yes, even a "non-refundable" airline ticket can be changed. The only catch, you have to actually call and deal directly with the airline. 

Or, instead of spending hours on hold listening to "all agents are currently busy", or worse yet bad elevator music you can let your travel agent happily fix the ticket or any other issues that arise Your call.


How much does this cost, I heard the commission's drive up the costs of the trip/cruise/tours?

ANSWER: Our Experienced Travel Advisor's offer our services Complimentary, you don't pay a penny to us our vendors/suppliers/cruise lines pay us our commissions  directly & this amount is NOT worked into the pricing of the trips.


We have heard that we should not get Travel/Trip Insurance because it drives up the cost of the trip/vacation/cruise? 

This is a concern of ours because we are on a limited budget!!!


 Travel Mishaps Occur Every Day

No matter how hard you try, there are some things you just can’t plan for.

If a family member gets sick.

If your baggage is lost.

If your trip is delayed.

Your passport is lost or stolen.

If weather prevents your travel.

You need to see a doctor for a sudden injury.

If you miss a flight connection.

That’s why there’s Travel Guard.

Please Feel Free to reach out on fb if you have any other questions/concerns as we are only happy to help!

Luxury Travel & Leisure Advisors

Luxury Travel Advisor:

Trip Around The Sun Travel L.L.C

Patrick Romano 


Favorite Travel Experience: 

Scuba Diving in  Curaçao , N.A., Aruba, Bonaire & Galápagos Islands-Archipelago in Ecuador.

Interesting Personal Fact:

I have lived in 10 countries and have visited many more.

Favorite Places To Visit:

 Curaçao , N.A. Cancun,Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta, Isla Mujeres, Riviera Maya, Playa De Carmen, MX.  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. St. Barts, St. Maarten, BWI

Also-Europe, Asia, Hawaii, Australia & New Zealand

Favorite Quotes

"Without Travel There Is No Life" also "Invest like Warren Buffett & Live like Jimmy Buffett"

Favorite Book Mark Twain's "Following The Equator"...

Owner/Certified Travel Specialist/Luxury Travel Advisor


Luxury Travel Advisor, Certified Travel Specialist & would love to help you realize and secure your ultimate travel dreams..

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